"I met Hara at a bootcamp. I wasn't planning on hiring a personal trainer, just went as part of a social activity for a philanthropic group. However, I was quickly struck by how different she is from other personal trainers! Hara excels at personalizing the workout. Her expertise with women in their middle years makes working out feel good! I had a personal trainer years ago, and often felt as if he was on his agenda, not mine. Hara pays attention, she pushes me in a good way and her follow up is excellent. I highly recommended her as a personal trainer for any woman over 40 who wants to stay strong and healthy."


 “I am very happy with Hara’s personal training.  She customizes the workout to address both the other athletic activities that I am doing as well as the general areas of health (balance) that I need to address.  She is always on time and very encouraging, making it easy to stay with the workouts.  Thank you, Hara!” 


“I never worked out before, but I realized as I approach 50 that I want to stay in shape to keep up with my kids! Hara makes each session, fun and always has a goal in mind. 

It’s very motivating to keep showing up when i know how passionate she is about fitness and about helping me achieve my goals."


"I don’t exercise because I love it - I do it because I have finally realized it is key to being healthy and keeping weight off .  Hara mixes it up so I never get bored and works arms, legs and core. Her belief in stretching and focus on balance has been great for me.

Without a doubt - Hara is the best trainer I have ever had - good for all ages."  



"Hara has been an amazing trainer for me.  I’m not a very motivated person when it comes to pushing myself in regards to my physical training and Hara was just the right trainer to hire. Not only did she motivate me to show up regularly and on time, but I was actually looking forward to our every meeting.  She is creative, diversified and full of energy and fun with every training session.  Hara used every minute efficiently and enthusiastically without too much chatting or disengagement.  She was thorough and always pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone, which is exactly what I was looking for.  To put it simply, she was AWESOME and busts my ass in a very positive and cheerful way."





"Hara is a gifted personal trainer!  She can accurately assess your physical capabilities for getting fit, as well as, your mental desire to make a change.  Hara comes to each session prepared,  excited to teach and to help you achieve your fitness goals.  She can push you far enough to be your best self, but nor too far as to dread coming to each session.  Hara focuses on the whole body experience, and how each exercise and body part interact.  I have reached many points of endurance and strength that I didn’t know I even had.  Hara “pushes” with compassion, knowledge, and experience to build physical strength and wellness, as well as your mental self confidence.  Hara not only CARES, but she walks the talk!  I would highly recommend Hara to all ages, and all levels of physical ability.  If you are serious about accomplishing good health and overall fitness, Hara is your person!"


"I have been working out with a personal trainer for 25 years.  Trainers can be very different in style and priorities.  I appreciate that Hara is committed to her clients and to their success.

I have been diagnosed with ‘exercise induced migarines’.  Because of this, I did not work out for about a year, living in fear of getting a migraine and being unable to function.  I knew this was not healthy and I wanted to get back into shape.  Hara created an exercise plan for me that made it possible for me to get back into shape without getting a migraine.  We focused on stretching, weight training and low cardio exercises that enabled me to be successful.  I am very grateful that Hara cares about her clients and gives each one the personal attention they need."



"Hara is a rockstar!  She works closely with all of her clients to customize each session based on your needs.  She can go easy with a light workout one day, then push you when you need to be pushed.  She is extremely knowledgeable and explains the motivation behind doing different exercises - she taught me a few different things I hadn't known or seen the value in before.  She is helpful, understanding, and fun to be around.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a one-on-one exercise training program!"